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"(Kim Jong-un) The fourth visit to Beijing is...I'm going to discuss everything (with President Xi Jinping). It is very difficult for North Korea to put more weight on the U.S. and China.It's hard to jump to conclusions. There are two main things to look forward to. One is that the U.S. views North Korea better than the South. They say nuclear and missile skills are well up, and the digital technology behind them is hard to underestimate. That's why I'm talking, but I'm taking great care." 

"Since last year, we have definitely been led by the U.S. and China by the 'cold war 2.0' system," Lee said. This is a different concept from the one led by the U.S. and the Soviet Union. 

"The other thing is how it works. In my personal opinion, there is a greater possibility of denuclearization. The U.S. and China are engaged in important negotiations in Beijing, including the tariff issue, and it seems that it is up to the international security, the nuclear issue, or the nuclear nonproliferation treaty (NPT) to support it. When the NPT begins to allow exceptions, it's in chaos. P5 is in charge of maintaining the international order peacefully by supporting the NPT. China didn't understand this at all, and watched North Korea develop missiles to the point where it fired nuclear weapons. It looks like the U.S. and China are talking well about North Korea. I think we're going to solve the trade conflict this time. No one wins, and everyone loses. I think China will take this opportunity to actively push for North Korea's denuclearization with the United States. What North Korea wants is security and economic development in the long run, and I think there is a possibility that the U.S. and China can compensate." 

Q: I think Kim Jong Un's New Year's message is that he will be recognized for having nuclear weapons.
A: "That's what the U.S. can't accept. Last year, Moon Jae-in, not just the United States president is in Europe when I went to France and Britain is not all ‘I don't.’ high. Are you saying that the NPT system requires North Korea to be treated as an exception? That's not possible. Considering that it is dangerous to talk about India and Pakistan, then will Japan manage to get by with its nuclear weapons in Northeast Asia? I think President Trump told President Xi Jinping that. If the missile that Kim Jong Un fired goes beyond Japan's islands and flies to the Pacific Ocean, will the world's third largest economy remain still? I think she said she couldn't be surprised.”

As Japan and South Korea maintain security under the U.S. extended deterrence, China and Russia should provide extended deterrence against North Korea, he said. 

Lee stressed that the most important thing is the history of the Korean Peninsula. Although it is the 100th anniversary of the March 1st Independence Movement, he sarcastically said, "Don't you see the 600th anniversary of King Sejong's ascension to the past like that?"토토사이트추천 "I'm interested in history 45 years later than in a long way," he said. 

"We were liberated on the first day of the Cold War. And then the most important symbolic year for us is 1988. One was elected a new president in December of '87. What's more historically important is the 13th National Assembly elections in 1988. The Korean people sent the four-party system of the golden division to the National Assembly in that difficult situation. She made me the National Assembly. It was a tradition until then that the administration was always focused on, but the people gave power to the National Assembly. And he made a multi-party system. The Korean people should bring about parliamentary democracy, which operates the nation, and show their ability to run a multi-party system. So I think we should be proud and not forget. They say that multiparty causes fights and ruins the country. Why do you think so? Looking back on the past 30 years, it is not a developmental history of Korean politics, but a backward history." 

Secondly, he pointed out that there was a big shift in perception on unification issues starting in 1988. 

"How can I get out of the river when it has been divided at my disposal? Now that the Cold War is over, the slogans that we've been talking about, such as "North Korea reunification," don't work. Also, North Korea's liberation from South Korea doesn't make sense. I'm not going to be able to disband the fully-planned South-North Korean government.What are we going to do in this space? This is a big assignment. The emphasis here is on peace, 'Let's do well, even if it takes time.' 

In February 1988, he met President-elect Roh Tae-woo for the first time and told him the same story. Roh then named him the unification minister. 

"I agree with Professor Lee 100%. I'll leave everything to you, so do as you say. Condition makes three Kim (Kim Dae-jung and Kim Young-sam and Kim Jong-pil), are agreeing ‘. The ruling and opposition parties, unless they fully agree with Korean politics, will have no effect." 

In December 1987, one Roh three Kims competed in the presidential election. The school was built in April 1988 right after the president took office. When the 13th National Assembly was inaugurated, the special committee for unification policy was established along with the Gwangju Democratic Movement Special Committee and the 5th Special Committee for Public Corruption. 

"The technical idea was actually created by professors like me, but politically, it's a collaborative work by three Kims, and it reflects the people's desire for progress, including progress. President Roh Tae-woo himself was a man who didn't like to be a soloist, and that's how he was able to solve it easily by letting me do it. No matter what kind of president he becomes, he shouldn't have to say this or that the person who was the second most powerful person in the military government. "I didn't feel bad about the agreement because I kept the stance of being quiet and I'll leave everything." 

He reiterated that he would revive the ruling party's handling of the political situation. 

"The most careful thing to do when dealing with the unification issue is 'I did this. We did it,' he said, and he's pulling the other side out. Then things happen there. The reason why I highly value the three Kims is because I met them twice a month, especially DJs, during the next two years, and I heard mainly what the other two think. They always talked about it worrying because they knew it was only when they thought about it. So we have an agreement. 'I did something.' Don't try to solve it like this. 

Q: There's a lot of motivation for any government to do something within its term..
" Kim Dae-jung : a president announced June 15 after lunch and finally had to say this to me. Anyway, I did my best to realize the unification plan we all agreed on. First of all, I have to say That's a simple word to drag everyone else. But there is a danger of going the other way. You can't do it like this. You have to drag them all in. If you keep trying to get rid of them, things will start to collapse."

He pointed out that the 13th National Assembly, which was the opposition party, was the most productive. It is time to restore such parliamentary democracy. 

"What I have to do now is to revise the election law quickly. Thus, if the representatives make compromises to reflect the people's wishes as much as possible, what should be done to create a democracy in Korean politics, and if nothing is done, unification issues can flow as if there is nothing to do with the people. In any way, the National Assembly should revise the electoral system so that it can be institutionalized, and if necessary, the Constitution should be revised. I think that's one important crisis." 

The 1988 Seoul Olympic Games were held. The 30th anniversary of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics was held again last year. He asked to preserve the symbolism of the Olympics. 

"88 became a festival of democratization. Coincidentally, it's our democracy festival, and it became a symbol of peace after the Cold War. The 80 Moscow Olympics, the 84 Los Angeles Olympics, all failed with a half-way Olympics. Then the situation changed and we all participated in the Seoul Olympics together. As a result, symbolism became strong. I happened to host the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in the 30th year, where the inter-Korean relations were dramatically eased, so I didn't have the Panmunjom Summit or the Pyongyang summit last year. This symbolism and this flow of history should be saved, not biased." 

Q: Did the measure lead to concrete results?
A: "The year 89 when this plan was completed was the year the Berlin Wall collapsed. It was a time when North Korea was very nervous than we were.The following year, Germany was reunified. With the inter-Korean talks, North Korea didn't think so. So we have six prime minister meetings. There's nothing to fight about, the world has changed. There is no need to talk about the liberation of the South Korean people. I've made a lot of progress. We created a tentative framework by creating a framework agreement."


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