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The Year of the Golden Pig is coming, but the pig farmers are feeling the heat. The big increase in imports has caused the price of pork shipments to plummet, but consumers are not aware of this change. 

Journalist Lim Yu-jin went out to the market. 

Some 2,000 pigs are packed in the congratulatory address. But the farmer, Kim Chang-kyun, sighs whenever he sees a pig. Farming costs have increased by 6% since last year, because shipping costs have dropped sharply. 

Kim Chang-gyun / CEO of a pig farm스포츠토토사이트추천
Food costs, quarantine costs and environmental improvements have increased a lot. It's below cost."

"The farmers complain that they are losing 87,000 won for each of these 115kg pigs." 

The price of Korean pork is 3,195 won per kilogram this month, down 17 percent from a year ago and 25 percent from two years ago. It's the lowest in the last five years. 

Imported strikes have become direct hits. Pork imports jumped 26 percent last year, exceeding 460,000 tons for the first time.

However, the price of domestic pork consumers remains unchanged, and they are not able to withstand low-cost imported goods. Due to the complex distribution phase, there is a time lag of about three months between the price of the site and the consumer. 

Choi Seung-yeon / Noryangjin-dong, Seoul
"I don't think I fell. The price of pork belly is about the same as beef." 

As soon as the Year of the Golden Pig, pig farms are on the verge of survival, appealing to government support and consumers.


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