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Former Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn, a potential presidential candidate of the Liberty Korea Party, will reportedly join the party soon and run for the party convention on February 27.

The government last prime minister and founder of Park Geun-hye, served as acting president in impeachment of former Prime Minister, who serves to rallying support possible bid for larger gathering of party leader.Is expected to. The non-Park faction is also forced to seek a showdown between the factions through the unification of the two parties.

Hwang`s candidacy was raised when he announced that he would join the party soon after meeting Kim Byung-joon, the emergency committee chairman. Former Prime Minister Hwang reportedly told Kim that he would consult with the party when he joined the party. 

In relation to this, party officials told CBS No Cut News on the timing of the party`s. It can be interpreted that he pointed out the political intention of joining the party only a month before the convention. Former Prime Minister Hwang reportedly did not confirm his candidacy.메이저사이트

Kim, who followed the outside schedule, had postponed the visit of Roh Young-min, the new presidential chief of staff, until next week.

Hwang's candidacy means that the next presidential election will be held in advance. With the leadership of the party becoming a unified leadership system, the new party leader will directly nominate and take the lead in the April general elections next year if he sticks to his two-year term.

As a result, non-Park lawmakers should prepare for a match that will directly lead to the right to nominate the party.

The decision of former Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon, who first announced his intention to run for office, is also drawing attention.

It's unclear who in faction of former Hong Joon-pyo for his key parameter. Hong, who has strong intentions to run for president, will face a threat to his political position if he gains the upper hand in the party and solidifies his position as the next candidate.

Another important point to watch is whether former Prime Minister Hwang and pro-Park lawmaker Chung Woo-taek and former South Gyeongsang governor Kim Tae-ho will challenge each other.


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